Review: The Adrenal Fatigue Solution – How to regain your vitality and restore your energy levels

Fawne Hansen’s The Adrenal Fatigue Solution is a practical guide for healing adrenal fatigue. It is both easy to understand and extremely informative. It really is the perfect all-round guide to Adrenal Fatigue.

Fawne Hansen is a former Adrenal Fatigue sufferer who has spent a number of years researching this complex health issue. Fawne has extensive practical knowledge in the treatment of stress and fatigue and draws on personal strategies she has used throughout treating her own adrenal fatigue. Dr Eric Wood is a licensed Naturopathic doctor and co-writes The Adrenal Fatigue Solution with Fawne. Eric has significant experience in many different areas of Integrative and Mind and Body Medicine and has specialist training in the Adrenal Fatigue sphere.


As you know, here at Healed by Bacon, we suffer from Adrenal Fatigue and whilst we blog about our journey to recovery, it is still ongoing. If only we had read Fawne’s book at the beginning – it would have saved us a huge amount of time researching and trying to find answers to why we were feeling this way.

The Adrenal Fatigue Solution provides the most detailed, holistic approach on the subject that we have come across so far. The book puts everything you need to know about Adrenal Fatigue in a clear, cohesive order that really helps you understand the complexity of the disease.

But whilst it is easy to understand, it is in no way simplistic. The Adrenal Fatigue Solution provides the right amount of information and detail you require to work out where you are on the Adrenal Fatigue spectrum and what processes are going on in your body. The emphasis on the fact that everyone’s suffering and healing process is different really demonstrates Fawne and Eric’s experience with the disease.

Unlike the mainstream medical treatment for Adrenal Fatigue we receive – “just take these pills and stress less” or “you are in the normal range, so nothing is wrong with you” (and that’s even if your doctor actually recognizes adrenal fatigue) – The Adrenal Fatigue Solution provides a detailed, holistic treatment plan. The guidelines make sense, but also provide the underlying reasons and our body’s reactions, as to how the treatments are beneficial. Fawne and Eric present case studies, questionnaires and  a comprehensive reference list to further your personal research on the topic.

The Adrenal Fatigue Solution also takes us through a biology lesson to understand what processes are driving our Adrenal Fatigue. Fawne and Eric explain that to understand the whole picture, we must first understand our bodies’ hormonal reactions to the stressors we face. But it doesn’t feel like you are reading a textbook – Fawne and Eric have a relaxed, humorous approach to educating us on such a complex problem.

The Adrenal Fatigue Solution really is the perfect source for understanding adrenal fatigue and how to recover from such a complex health issue. Check out The Adrenal Fatigue Solution here.