What NOT to eat with AF

I have outlined the importance of salt, protein and fat in healing adrenal fatigue, but I quickly wanted to touch on what those with adrenal fatigue should avoid at all cost (no surprises here!)


  • Sugar and Flour Products: Cause a rapid blood sugar rise and fall which exacerbates hypoglycaemic problems. Circulating cortisol is normally used to convert fats and protein to glucose (to compensate for low blood sugar caused by the rapid rise and fall) however, when your adrenals are fatigued, circulating cortisol is lowered and therefore you cannot create new blood sugars from other sources. This causes all sorts of problems; light-headedness, lethargy, brain fog and fainting.
  • Polyunsaturated and Hydrogenated Oils: Disrupt the body’s ability to build tissue, form cell membranes and create hormones.
  • Caffeine and Other Stimulants: People with adrenal fatigue often crave caffeine due to the stimulatory affects it provides. However, caffeine actually over-stimulates the adrenals which causes further fatigue when the stimulatory effect wears off. Although caffeine makes us feel better temporarily, it significantly worsens adrenal fatigue and should be avoided completely. Try replacing your coffee with Green or Herbal Tea (check out T2 – they have the most delicious teas around)!