Full Body Blast

This workout targets every part of the body through the following compound exercises. The aim of this workout is to perform each of the exercises for 1 minute consecutively. Following the completion of the exercise sequence, a 2-3 minute break is recommended before repeating the next sequence of exercises. This workout requires you to keep an eye on your watch to identify when 1 minute has elapsed and the best gains occur when no breaks are taken during the minute. As with the other workouts, a light 5-10 minute warm up is recommended beforehand.

         Perform each of the exercises for 1 minute in the following orderBurpee

– Burpees

– Push Ups

– Dumbbell Shoulder Press

– Mountain Climbers

– Tricep Dips

– Bicep Curls

– Plank Jacks

– Russian Twists

– Jump Squats

                                            2 – 3 Minute Break