Pylometrics Workout

Exercise – we all know how it goes, “eat less and move more”. Well that might not be true. Yes exercise has benefits for our health and wellbeing, but it shouldn’t be approached with an expectation that you should be training as hard as a professional athlete.

In fact, short bursts of intense exercises provide better outcomes (in terms of progress, heart health and aesthetics) than long workouts. And, in case you needed more evidence to cut those long workouts, interval training and circuits (like the one below) will save you some precious time.

The pylometric circuit below is centred around 5 exercises that will be completed for one minute each, before moving straight on to the next. Once the 5 minutes of exercises has been completed, a 2-3 minute break is recommended.

However, if you are just starting out, we suggest to only do one round of the circuit (that is, finish after the 5 minutes). If you feel you can do more rounds, be our guest…just make sure you don’t push yourself too much that you can’t sit on the toilet the next day!