Activated Nuts

Life without nuts is like life without chocolate. But, if you are anything like us, eating nuts can make you feel “heavy”, uncomfortably full and…gassy (you know, so gassy that you want to lay still and make sure the blanket doesn’t become untucked). Well what if we could tell you that you can still enjoy these amazing nuggets of goodness without having to blame the dog for that smell? Activated nuts are the answer.


Nuts are a great snack – they are full of protein and fat. However, raw nuts contain enzyme exhibitors, a natural chemical that interferes with our digestive system. Enzyme inhibitors act by binding to enzymes and decreasing or completely blocking their actions, meaning we are unable to properly digest and absorb their nutrients. Not only does this compromise our already fragile digestive system, it also puts added strain on our body to produce the required enzymes to break the nuts down.

Activated nuts are easier for our bodies to digest as their digestive enzymes have been activated. To activate the enzymes, nuts are soaked in salty water. Soaking the nuts deactivates the enzyme inhibitors that prevent them from sprouting – that is, becoming ‘alive’. This salty brine breaks down and neutralises the nuts’ enzyme inhibitors and awakens the enzymes.

By activating nuts, their enzyme inhibitors are diminished, allowing our digestive tract to easily break down and absorb their nutrients. Plus, the more activated enzymes you eat, the less enzymes our bodies have to produce – which helps prevent free radical damage (aka keeps us younger for longer).

But activated nuts are expensive! We hear you – check out our activated nuts recipe for a cheaper alternative that still contains all of the digestive benefits.