Eat More Organ Meat

What is the grossest thing you could think of eating? The first things that come to our mind are tripe, brains and “oysters” (not your typical oysters – feel free to Google it). And what do these things have in common? They are all forms of offal!

Eat More Organ Meats

While offal isn’t the yummiest food on the planet, including organ meats in our diets is extremely important. In fact, organ meats, from organic, grass-fed animals are some of the most nutrient rich foods we can eat.

If you have ever seen animals eat their pray, you would have noticed they go for the organs first, saving the muscle meat for last. This is because animals instinctively know that organ meat gives them the most bang for their buck – the organs are the most nutrient dense source of energy.

But it is not only in the animal kingdom that the importance of organ meat is recognised – almost every culture in history has placed a high value on eating animals in their entirety. But why? Well these cultures knew that eating organ meat would support the functioning of their bodies. Native Americans actually believe that eating the organs of a healthy animal supports the organ of the eater.

For instance, the traditional method for treating someone with a foggy brain would be to have them eat the brain of a healthy animal. This was said to give the person clarity and help the brain function properly.

So why should we eat offal?

Including organ meat in our diets can significantly increase our intake of necessary vitamins – in particular, traditional diets with offal have 4 times the amount of water soluble vitamins and 10 times the amount of fat soluble vitamins that our generic diet today.

The table below shows the key nutrients we can get from eating organ meats and the functions they provide in our bodies.

Health benefits of eating organ meat

Key take home from this blog post: Eat more offal!