Diet and Copper Toxicity

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Inspired to adopt the ‘healthier’ diets touted by the health system (think low/no fat, vegetarian, meat free week, low cholesterol – all that anti-animal food stuff), we are now facing serious health problems.

If you have read our other posts, you will know how important maintaining an optimal zinc to copper ratio is. Copper is present in most foods (and our modern environment). When zinc is present in abundance, and we have enough quality protein available to bind it, the copper we consume can be managed effectively by our body and the excess can easily be excreted through bile.

However, the push to eat less animal products and a ‘healthier’ diet has led to us not being able to source enough zinc for the copper elimination process to occur.

Generally, these so called ‘healthy’ diets are heavily plant-based. Unfortunately, the best and most bioavailable sources of zinc are found in animal products. Therefore, when we live on one of these ‘healthy’ diets our zinc levels are sharply reduced relative to copper.

Not only that, these ‘healthy’ diets suggest you reduce your animal protein intake and, god forbid you even consider eating saturated fat! But, it is the zinc, protein and fats (for bile production) that are required to eliminate excess copper from our bodies.

A diet lacking in zinc, protein and fat can lead to excess copper building up in tissues in an unbound, inorganic form, which is highly immobile and creates a low-level toxicity that interferes with many body systems. As we have said in our earlier posts, particularly affected are our liver and brain, but also our digestion.