Wait – I can eat salt?


This post follows on from our article Why I Love…Celtic Sea Salt and compares regular table salt to Celtic sea salt.

Now you may have realized I named our other article is called ‘why I love Celtic sea salt’ not ‘why I love all salt’. This is because regular table salt does not have the same nutritional properties as its Celtic relative!

Every day ‘Table’ salt is processed at extremely high temperatures and during this process, the chemical composition is completely altered, destroying the nutritional benefits. In the end, generic table salt ends up being 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% anti-caking chemicals, iodine, monosodium glutamate (MSG) or white sugar to stabilize the iodine and aluminium – delicious.

Ultimately, this every day table salt turns out to be a chemical concoction of all sorts of nasty things, and it is this salt that puts you at risk of heart attack, stroke, bloating and thirst – not Celtic sea salt.

In addition, iodized salt (such as table salt) is particularly bad for autoimmune thyroid disorders, as over-iodization leads to an abnormally enlarged thyroid which contributes to poor thyroid function or worsens pre-existing conditions .

In comparison, Celtic sea salt is about 80% sodium chloride, with the remaining 20% being magnesium, digestive enzymes and other trace minerals that support sodium-potassium balance, healthy adrenal and thyroid function, hydration and electrolyte balance.

But won’t salt make me bloated?
Well yes, everyday table salt will make you very bloated and thirsty, given the extremely high level of sodium chloride it contains. However, Celtic sea salt will not!

Celtic sea salt promotes healthy electrolyte balance and hydration, so drinking a glass of water with ½ – 1 teaspoon of Celtic sea salt will restore your sodium-potassium balance and rehydrate you! It is actually the dehydration that causes you to bloat and feel thirsty.

Feeling thirsty, and craving salty food, is actually the body’s mechanism to try and get you to drink more water; the body wants you to feel thirsty from the salt so then you will drink more water. If you have ever had a hangover (don’t lie I know you have) you will know that all you want is bacon, bacon, bacon and then water, water, water. This is because your body is dehydrated and needs salt and water to restore proper electrolyte balance.

So in answer to your question, Celtic sea salt will not make you thirsty or bloated but every day table salt will!