What Causes Leaky Gut?

There are four main causes of leaky gut – bacterial imbalances, poor diet, overexposure to toxins and poor diet.

Poor Diet

If you have read our other posts about diet, foods to avoid at all costs include gluten, sugar, vegetable oils and GMO produce. These are the foods that damage the net of your digestive tract and cause flare-ups in autoimmune conditions, and when it happens all of the time, leads to chronic inflammation.

The problem with gluten and grains is that they contain a huge number of phytates and lectins (read our posts about these here). This is an issue because a healthy digestive tract is covered in sugar-containing cells that aid in the breakdown of your food. When you eat gluten, the lectin gravitates towards these cells and attaches to the net and damages it, leading to inflammation.

Sugar needs to be avoided as it feeds the growth of yeast, Candida and bad bacteria in our digestive tract which further damages the net by eating holes in it.

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Exposure to toxins, such as antibiotics, foods sprayed with pesticides and water that has been contaminated through chemical run-off can all reek havoc on the good bacteria in your gut and cause inflammation.

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Chronic Stress

You probably know by now that we are big advocates of meditation and other relaxation techniques to combat stress. Stress weakens your immune system, crippling your body’s ability to fight off the baddies like toxins, viruses and bad bacteria. As your immune system weakens over time, inflammation can build up and impact the strength of the lining in your digestive tract.

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Bacterial Imbalances

Our gut is home to a sensitive balance of good and bad bacteria (sounds like that TV ad doesn’t it). As we increase our exposure to antibiotics, xenoestrogens and probiotic-poor foods the balance between the good and bad bacteria gets out of wack. As the good bacteria are depleted and the bad bacteria take over, inflammation occurs in our gut and the net becomes damaged.