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We also understand that dealing with these health issues can be difficult as family and friends might not truly comprehend the struggles you are going through. We want to be a source of support for you. Please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email if you need to talk with someone who does understand.

If you want to take this a step further, send us an email at and we can recommend avenues for analysing your blood test results and make suggestions to help you improve your health. We also offer consultations and tailored exercise and diet plans based on your conditions.

The information and advice given by Healed by Bacon is based on our experiences. We, by no means, claim to be medical professionals. We recommend speaking with your doctor if you are considering making significant changes to medication and/or conduct a careful and comprehensive due diligence process based on your individual circumstances.

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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I’m going into nursing and they’re going to want me to take all kinds of shots before I can finish my training in the hospital . I’m very much interested in nutrition and nurse practitioner is what I’m going for
    so I could diagnose , prescribed, and run blood work If needed
    I need to figure out how to not get the
    vaccinations they want me to get and keep my health intact


  2. Have you ever made your Christmas Pudding with canned pumpkin? I’m trying to figure out how much 400g of steamed pumpkin would be and if canned option is possible?… just not sure about how the water content equates. Thanks,.
    Michelle Richea


    • Hi Michelle,
      We haven’t ever used canned pumpkin in the recipe before…however, what is good about this recipe is that it uses coconut flour. We’re not sure how much cooking you have done with coconut flour before, but as soon as you add it to a wet mixture it begins absorbing any extra moisture. If you’re worried about the mixture being too wet, you could always add a little bit more coconut flour to the mix (we suggest adding 1 tsp at a time and then waiting for it to absorb the moisture before adding another one). Please let us know how the substitution goes!


  3. Hi,
    Hypothyriodism and stomac acidity: apple cider vinegar is acidic, yes, but it has an alkaline effect in our bodies; it causes our pH levels to become more alkaline. So I do not understand the article. Please explain .. . . . ?


    • Hi Gitte,

      Thanks for your question. The benefits of apple cider vinegar on our digestion is less to do with its acidity profile and more to do with (1) the probiotics in the ‘mother’ (the cloudy gloop in the bottle) and (2) the way it stimulates hydrochloric acid (the enzyme that helps convert pepsinogen into the pepsin, which breaks proteins down into amino acids).

      Hope this helps! 🙂


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