My Summer Reading List

Given my passion for all things health and fitness, I absolutely love reading books on the matter! I don’t know about you, but I used to be all for TV and DVDs rather than reading (the closest I got to reading was flicking through old issues of Cosmo)! But after reading Big Fat Lies by David Gillespie, I was hooked!

Soon after, I got the reading bug and now I love to be reading a book at all times! I find it so much more nourishing than watching TV plus I love learning new things! So I have put together this list of books which I would recommend for anybody looking to learn more about what we, at Healed by Bacon, believe in.


  • Big Fat Lies, Sweet Poison and Toxic Oils all by David Gillespie – I think these books are an absolute MUST for anybody looking to improve their health. David Gillespie exposes the truth about vegetable oils and fructose in an easy to understand, and extremely funny way!
  • I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar for Life by Sarah Wilson – These books offer easy to understand info, easy to follow tips and delicious recipes with lots of pretty pictures! Because they are not novels, they are great books just to flick through when you don’t feel like taking in a heap of information. Plus, Sarah Wilson also suffers from Hashimoto’s so she will always have a special place in my heart!
  • Your Personal Paleo Diet by Chris Kresser – This is an amazing reference for those with or without autoimmune diseases. Chris Kresser offers a 30 day reset plan and then tips on how to re-introduce ‘grey area’ foods such as cheese and dark chocolate following the reset. This book is also great as it offers a holistic approach to wellbeing, including information on how to de-stress, sleep better, exercise and love life, rather than focusing purely on food.
  • Grain Brain by David Perlmutter – Grain Brain is an incredibly fascinating book which delves into the mysterious and detrimental ways that grain-based carbohydrates effect the brain. Although this book contains a bit more science and is a little heavier than the other books, it is nonetheless a necessary read when embarking in your road to health. You will never look at a bread roll the same!
  • Wheat Belly by William Davis – This book exposes why so many western countries are now in the midst of an obesity crisis; ‘heart healthy wholegrains’. Wheat Belly looks at how wheat has been transformed through genetic modification and included in non-suspecting foods to cause a heap of problems from obesity to dementia.
  • Year of No Sugar by Eve Shaub – A light, funny and entertaining read about one family’s trials and tribulations experienced with the total removal of fructose from their diet for one year!
  • The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson – Similar to Your Personal Paleo Diet, Mark Sisson provides a holistic approach to life, covering diet, exercise and lifestyle fundamentals to change your life for the better!
  • The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Techowlz – In The Big Fat Surprise, Nina Techowlz exposes the truth about fats, how we became such a fat phobic world and the detrimental impact it has had upon the health of the globe.
  • The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf – The Paleo Solution is a great first read for those wanting to embark on a paleo lifestyle. Robb Wolf provides all of the info on how following a paleo diet can lead to enhanced health and wellbeing, albeit in a very humerous manner!
  • Why We Get Fat and What to do About It and The Diet Delusion both by Gary Taubes – Gary Taubes presents all of the info on why we actually do get fat (and I can assure you it’s not eat less and move more)! These books are a bit more in-depth and require more concentration but they are definitely well worth the read.
  • Adrenal Fatigue by James L Wilson – Everything you need to know about adrenal fatigue in one easy to understand book!
  • The Real Meal Revolution Cookbook by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot & David Grier – Professor Tim Noakes and his team put together this cookbook to show the world that low-carb, high-fat eating is not only best for health, but delicious as well! Hint: lots of cheese!!
  • The Adrenal Fatigue Solution by Fawne Hansen and Dr Eric Wood – This ebook is the perfect source for understanding adrenal fatigue and how to recover from such a complex health issue. The Adrenal Fatigue Solution provides a detailed, holistic treatment plan with case studies, questionnaires and  a comprehensive reference list to further your personal research on the topic.

If you’re not feeling up to reading this entire list of books, there are also a few documentaries that allow you to soak up a lot of this info in half the time!


  • Fed Up (2014) – Written and produced by Stephanie Soechtig, this documentary exposes the real cause of obesity in the US.
  • Catalyst: Low Carb Diet Fat or Fiction (2014) – ABC’s Catalyst looks at low carb, high fat diets in relation to both health and sport performance.
  • Cereal Killers (2013) – This documentary follows 41-year-old Donal O’Neill who inverts the food pyramid, eliminating sugars and grains from his diet, and significantly increasing his fat consumption. Keep an eye out for Cereal Killers 2: Run on Fat coming out soon!
  • That Sugar Film (2015) – This film follows Australian actor and filmmaker Damon Gameau as he eats upward of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day (but don’t worry it’s only from ‘healthy’ sugars)! We shall wait and see what happens!

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