Paleo Hot Cross “Buns”

Easter – the smell of freshly baked hot-cross buns and the boxes of chocolate eggs filling your supermarket shelves. Only one problem – they’re not very paleo.

Well like you, we here at Healed by Bacon also enjoy the odd Easter treat. But, chances are, a hot cross bun won’t have you hopping around like the Easter bunny. So we have come up with the perfect recipe as a great alternative.

This is one of our favourite paleo Easter recipes – we love it so much we’ve decided to reblog it.

Paleo Hot Cross “Buns” Recipe

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3 Easter Fat Bombs

Easter Fat Bomb Recipes

Easter Fat Bomb Recipes.jpg

What would Easter be without Chocolate? Answer: Just a normal day.

However, unless the Easter Bunny now has an unlimited budget and can afford to buy that organic, wind-dried and gravity-crushed, 100% Caribbean chocolate, finding a paleo and sugar-free chocolate egg can be difficult.

Since we can’t imagine Easter without chocolate, here are our 3 favourite paleo friendly Easter Fat Bombs (and because they’re fat bombs, you physically won’t be able to eat the whole stash the Easter Bunny gives you).

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