Copper Toxicity – My Story


2015 was a dreadful year. In January I had to have a vaccination deemed compulsory for my university placement. The affects of this vaccine on my body were terrible…although terrible is probably an understatement! I now know it was due to the fact that I have an impaired methylation cycle and my body cannot detoxify heavy metals – which are used as adjuvants in vaccines.

Adjuvant: An adjuvant is a substance that is added to a vaccine to increase the body’s immune response to the vaccine.

Methylation: Methylation is a vital metabolic process that occurs in every cell and organ of our body. There would be no life without it!

As a result of my body’s inability to detox itself, I went through many tests to try an understand why I couldn’t function. Finally I discovered I had a copper toxicity problem.

I seriously thought I was going crazy. Try explaining to your GP that you feel like your head is too heavy for your body! My GP thought I was insane. My copper toxicity symptoms also caused a racing mind and a terrible “tired but wired” feeling.

My body’s inability to detoxify itself meant any heavy metals that I came in contact with (and they are a lot more common than you would think) would just continue to build up in my system. This meant I could not sleep for a YEAR! It is true and I tried every sleep aid, natural and prescription on the market that you can imagine (Stilnox was the worst, I was so worried about what I might have done under it that I had to have mum sleep in the bed with me).

The more I couldn’t sleep, the more the heavy metals built up in my body and then the more I couldn’t sleep. This negative feedback loop compounded my symptoms and by the end of the year I was at the point of having to admit myself to hospital.

I felt like I was going crazy, I couldn’t function, I couldn’t sleep – all I would do is lie in my bed and cry. In my most depressed state, I couldn’t see anyway out.

But thankfully I did!! And please trust me when I say that there is always help, it might take time, but you will get back your health.

Dealing with copper toxicity is tough at the best of times and to make it worse, it often goes unrecognized by doctors. Because of this, we’ve decided to write a group of blog posts on everything we know about copper toxicity and the process we took to help detoxify heavy metals. We really hope that our experience can help you in your recovery.